Civics: Late September Lesson Outlines

from:Mahan, Danielle

to:Civics & Free Enterp

Time Sept. 15, 2012

Twice a month, this portion of the Thinkwave site will be updated with concise information about each lesson being presented for the upcoming weeks.  This information can be used as a guide to help students prepare for class, guide students to appropriate makeup work when absent, or serve as a reminder of what material was covered each day.

Monday, September 17

  • US Government Foundations Quiz
  • Homework: Candidate page for election project - due Wednesday

Wednesday, September 19

  • Daily Writing
  • Quiz Review
  • Citizen Responsibilities
  • Demographics
  • Due: Candidate page for election project
  • Homework: Begin working on elected official communication - due Monday

Monday, September 24

  • Daily Writing
  • Demographics Discussion
  • Political Ideologies
  • Homework: continue working on letter - due Monday

Wednesday, September 26

  • Daily writing activity
  • Letter writing
  • Ideology spectrum
  • Due: letter to an elected official
  • Homework: Read and keyword outline Chapter 6, Section 1: Kinds of Party Systems

Friday, September 28

  • Daily writing activity
  • US political parties
  • Homework: read article on PACs handed out in class

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