Advanced Debate: Late September Lesson Outlines

from:Mahan, Danielle

to:Advanced Debate

Time Sept. 15, 2012

Twice a month, this portion of the Thinkwave site will be updated with concise information about each lesson being presented for the upcoming weeks.  This information can be used as a guide to help students prepare for class, guide students to appropriate makeup work when absent, or serve as a reminder of what material was covered each day.   As always for this class, because each homework assignment is different for individual students based on their event entries, you must reference your personal instruction sheet to find homework.  Please plan well and write down critical dates so that you are able to follow along well throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 18

  • Preparing for Big Swim
  • In class debate
  • Extemp and LD preparations
  • Reminder: students attending Holy Cross must have their permission slips back this week

Thursday, September 20

  • In the World Today
  • Big Swim Reflection
  • Practice Debate

Friday, September 21

  • In the World Today
  • Practice extemp
  • Brief research

Tuesday, September 25

  • In the World Today
  • Practice debate
  • Written round

Thursday, September 27

  • In the World Today
  • Practice debate
  • Written round

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