Lesson Plans Latin II: Weeks 6 and 7: September 23--October 5, 2012

TimeSept. 23, 2012

from:Trosclair, Nick

to:Latin II

Latin II: Weeks 6 and 7 September 23—October 5, 2012

Monday: Test: Capitulum Tertium Decimum; Homework: Write out all new vocabulary for chapter 14, Read lesson 1 of chapter 14.
Wednesday: Word of the week, Warm-up: Ex. 1 [read lines 6-13], Grammar: Present Participles and Handout; Read Lesson 2 and write out and translate Ex. 4-6 [don’t translate ex. 6]; Homework: Re-read Lessons 1 and 2 and complete ex. 4-6; study for vocabulary Quiz.
Friday: Warm-up: Present Participles; Vocabulary Quiz for Chapter 14. Homework: Read lesson 3; Pensum A and B.

Monday: Warm-up: Present Participles; Colloquium for Chapter 14; Complete Study Guide; Homework: study for chapter 14 Test.
Wednesday: Chapter 14 Test. Homework: Read Lesson 1 of chapter 15 and write out/translate new vocabulary for chapter 15