Lesson Plans Latin IV: Weeks 6 and 7: September 24--October 5, 2012


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Time Sept. 23, 2012

Lesson Plans Latin IV: Weeks 6 and 7: September 24—October 5, 2012

Tuesday: Test: Chapter 16; Homework: Write out all new vocabulary for chapter 17 and read lesson 1; write out and translate ex. 1-3.

Thursday: Word of the Week; Colloquium for Lesson 1 of chapter 17; Grammar: Passive Voice Present Tense and Handout; Read Lesson 2 of chapter 17 Homework: write out and translate ex. 4-7.

Tuesday: Word of the Week; Warm-up: Passive Voice Present Tense; Colloquium for Lesson 2 of Chapter 17; Grammar: Continuing Deponent and Handout; Homework: Reading Lesson 3 of chapter 17; write and translate ex. 8-10.

Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz; Study Guide for Test; Homework: Complete Study Guide.

Friday: Go over study Guide; Homework: Pensum A, B, and C; study for test which will be tuesday

*nota bene: I may pick up any of the homework for a grade. Be sure to label your homework correctly and be prepared to turn it in for a grade.

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