Lesson Plans Latin I: Weeks 6 and 7: September 23-- October 5, 2012


from:Trosclair, Nick

to:Latin I

Time Sept. 23, 2012

Latin I: Week 6 and 7 September 23—October 5, 2012

Monday: Test: Capitulum Secundum; Homework: Read lesson 1, write out and translate on a separate sheet of paper Exercises 1 and 2 in Exercise Book, write out all new words for chapter 3.
Wednesday: Word of the Week, Ave Maria, Grammar: The Accusative Case and Handout, Reading aloud Scenes 1 and 2, Colloquium: chpt. 3 lessons 1 and 2. Homework: Write out and translate Ex. 3-5 in chapter 3 of exercise book, study for vocabulary quiz on Friday.
Friday: Reading Lesson 3; Quiz on chapter 3 vocabulary; Review Accusative case Handout. Homework:  Write out and translate Exercises 6 – 8.

Monday: Warm-up: Accusative Practice. Grammar: Accusative of the Interrogative Pronoun ‘Quis? Quae? Quid?’ and Handout and Ex. 9; Practice: Pensum A and Translate; Homework: Pensum B and C, study for test on chapter 3

Wednesday:  Test: Capitulum Tertium; Homework: Write and Translate new vocabulary for Chapter 4, read lesson 1 of chapter 4.

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