from:Albarado, Kyle


Time Sept. 24, 2012

Monday, September, 24

We almost had ourselves a documentary day. The class average from the Chapter 1 Test was 77, a mere three percentage points away from the goal. Let us try and acheive that goal next time.

Studying Matter Through Change


  1. Explain how properties are used to classify matter.
  2. Identify the ways Lavoisier studied chemicals throught their properties.

Key Concepts
substance, matter


  • Inspectionally read handout
  • Complete Journal Prompt

Wednesday, September, 26

Studying Matter Through Change (Seminar)


  1. Discuss the ways Lavoisier studied combustion through experiments.
  2. Explain how the scientific method was used to study chemicals.

Key Concepts
combustion, chemical composition


  • Analytically read handout
  • Answer discussion questions

Friday, September, 28

Lesson 2.1: Properties of Matter


  1. Identify properties of matter as extensive or intensive.
  2. Define physical property and list several common properties of substances.
  3. Differentiate among three states of matter.

Key Concepts
physical properties


  1. Analytically read 2.1
  2. Complete Vocabulary and Section Assessment
  3. Write a rough draft for a 4-5 paragraph response paper from reading and seminar.



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