from:Summers, John

to:Digital Film Making

Time Aug. 16, 2013

Mr. Summers
John Paul the Great Academy
Film 1

Brief Synopsis:
This class has two basic goals. To form you as a more effective movie viewer and a more effective movie maker. We will learn how to watch movies critically and extrapolate from them not just what the filmmaker is saying, but how they are saying it. You will be able to more properly understand the filmmakers choices in script, equipment, angles, music, and more; and then understand why they made those choices and how they effect the viewer. You will have some simple practicum projects where you will utilize the principles learned to make short narrative video projects.

Expectations for AssignmentsHomework & Written Assignments: All homework and written assignments are to be delivered one of three ways, either printed out and turned in at the beginning of the class period on the due date or emailed to Mr. Summers before 8:00 AM on the due date. If instructed to do so the third option would be to submit assignments directly to Think Wave before 8:00 AM on the due date.  Let it be known that assignments turned in outside of these parameters will merit a total of zero points.

Movie Viewing Assignments
Beyond the viewing of films and excerpts of films in class you will be expected to view movies as homework. In order for this class to be productive it is imperative that you have access to a Netflix account. All films assigned as homework will be available on Netflix.

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