from:Summers, John

to:Spanish I

Time Aug. 16, 2013

Mr. Summers
John Paul the Great Academy
Spanish 1

Brief Synopsis:
This class has one primary goal, to enable you to speak Spanish; at least conversationally. We will achieve this by studying vocabulary and grammar, but more importantly through small group discussions in spanish. As well conversations with me. An important part of learning another language is getting used to speaking the words; for this reason we will learn some basic prayers and passages in Spanish, as well as some songs. While the emphasis is on speaking, you should not be under the impression that you will not have written tests, homework assignments, and some memorization. By the end of this class you should be able to have a basic conversation, recite simple prayers, and understand basic Spanish grammar.

Expectations for Homework and AssignmentsHomework: Homework assigned from the textbook can be handwritten on a sheet of looseleaf. Handwriting must be legible. You must also be sure to write your name, the date, and the class on each assignment; if you fail to do so points will be deducted, if you fail to include your name you will receive zero points on the homework assignment.
Written Assignments: Written assignments are to be delivered one of three ways, either printed out and turned in at the beginning of the class period on the due date or emailed to Mr. Summers before 8:00 AM on the due date. If instructed to do so the third option would be to submit assignments directly to Think Wave before 8:00 AM on the due date.  Let it be known that assignments turned in outside of these parameters will merit a total of zero points.

Speaking Assignments:
You will regularly have to speak in class, either presentationally or conversationally. All speaking assignments will be graded on three criteria, namely:
Correctness/Vocabulary - How well you show a grasp of the vocabulary necessary for the conversation, or how few words you miss when reciting a spanish prayer or memorized piece.
Oratory Ease - How few pauses you take, comfort in speaking, showing that you are speaking naturally not simply recalling memorized material.
Pronunciation/Accent - How well you pronounce the words.

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