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Humanities 7/8- Nov 21

TimeNov. 21, 2011

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Humanities Yr 7/8

Today we reviewed the homework- the Venn Diagram of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece and took some new notes on Ancient Rome. A reminder that the homework (all of the assignments on Ancient Greece with Ms. Shirah) is due tomorrow. We began a class project of creating a Roman newspaper. The assignments were as follows-

News stories- all students do one each at 2-3 paragraphs each, sports- Mack, deaths- Brendan, entertainment- plays, restaurants, books, etc.- Angel, Brendan, funnies- Cali, advertisements- Mack and Dani, advice column- Cali, classifieds- Mack and Dani, weather- Angel. Trey and Evan- we will assign your parts when we see you!

The year 7/8s worked hard today and came up with some very creative things! I was impressed with each and every student! Well done! We will continue this in class tomorrow.