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TimeNov. 30, 2011

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Ed GALB 9/10

The students are doing a fantastic job!

Today we discussed some potential areas we would like to cover in the future, and we made a "game plan" for the next two weeks. We will continue to work on our newsletter!

We covered the topic of bias in writing and in the media. We had a mini in-class writing assignment about bias... and I was very impressed! Adam got straight to work and came up with a rather insightful piece about a current news event (we will cover stereotypes later based on his work!), and Robbie and Ian got their ideas on paper about the fairy tale characters they were working with. Gwyneth did an AMAZING job with her writing piece and her creative thoughts deserveĀ a lot of credit!! Well done! The students are doing such great work; I am so proud of them!

Watch this space- I have lessons planned for business, journalism, current events and more for the future, and I know the EDGALB students are going to do a fabulous job!!