Humanities 7/8 11-29 and exam review sheet

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Ed GALB 7/8

Time Nov. 30, 2011

The Humanities 7/8 students got straight to work today on their Roman Empire packets. We then went over our Exam review sheet. I have attached a copy here for review (the students were given a paper copy in class). There will be no surprises! We are going over everything in class, and the students can review and study in class as well as ask me for clarification... I want to see everyone succeed!


Humanities 7/8 Term 1 Exam

There will be 3 short answer questions and 1 essay. Each short answer is worth 15 points. Year 7 Students should aim to write between 2-3 sentences for each and in complete sentences. Year 8 Students should aim to write between 3-4 sentences for each and in complete sentences. Each essay question is worth 55 points- 25 points for knowledge/content, 15 points for the thesis statement (we will review this again!), and 15 points for grammar, spelling and structure. Year 7 Students should write 2-3 paragraphs to answer their essay and Year 8 Students should write 3 or more paragraphs.
The focus of the exam will be on expressing your thoughts and knowledge of the various topics covered in Humanities so far this year. You will need to prepare ahead of time in order to write a clear, thoughtful and cohesive exam paper in class. Listed below are the topics to cover for exam- remember 3 of the short answer options will show up along with one of the essay choices listed below.
Good luck!

Short answer-
1) What is the difference between relative and absolute location? Explain and give an example of each.
2) Explain human-environment interaction and give an example from history or modern times.
3) Describe the geography of Greece and give an example of how it affected the daily lives of those living in Ancient Greece.
4) List and describe 3 cultural aspects of life in Ancient Greece.
5) List and describe 3innovations of the Ancient Romans.

1) Compare and contrast daily life in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. What was unique about their societies? What was similar? Think about climate, geography, food, culture, the arts, defense, values, and traditions.
2) Why did Rome become such a strong empire? What advantages did they have? How did they become so successful? Include your knowledge of the geography of Rome.

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