from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Language Arts Yr9/10

Time Jan. 11, 2012

Today in class we reviewed our own short stories based on "The Story of An Hour" and did some peer review. This assignment needs to be edited, revised, typed and turned in on Monday, January 16.

As it was a double class period we also reviewed some new vocabulary from our next short story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" which we read in class. Students need to be prepared to discuss this in class tomorrow.

Next week we will have a vocabulary quiz on the words we have studied so far. This will take place on either Wednesday or Thursday (update to come!). The words are:

1. fervent (adj)

2. deride (v)

3. diffidence (n)

4. assiduously (adv)

5. tentative (adj)

6. fervor (n)

7. oblivion (n)

8. benevolent (adj)

9. manifest (adj)

10.  reverence (n)

11. emanated

12. retribution

13. impartial

14. aesthetic

15. moiety

16. epithalamic

17. afflicted

18. repression

19. elusive

20. imploring

21. unwittingly


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