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Humanities 9/10- SE Asia Foreign Investment project

TimeJan. 11, 2012

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Humanities Yr9/10

Today in Humanities we reviewed the homework about SE Asia and got our next project assignment. Each student must create a Power Point presentation about their assigned country (Robbie- Thailand, Malaysia- Gwyneth, Indonesia- Jose, Cambodia- Ian and The Philippines- Adam) to attract foreign investment. The presentation must be 10-15 slides and show where the country is currently at on the Human Development Index (http://hdr.undp.org), the type of government (go to the CIA world factbook online!) and find and present information about the safety of the country, the available workforce, current politics, a brief history, a map with big cities which could be used for factories, etc., weather and climate, landforms and how they might affect transportation within the country and pictures of the country. This is due next Tuesday, January 17.