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PE and upcoming exams

TimeFeb. 19, 2012

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:All Students

Just a reminder that we will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday this week and we will be running/brisk walking. Students are encouraged to bring not only suitable shoes but music (iPod, etc.) as well. During these next 3 weeks we will be devoting more time to longer runs (brisk walks for those with injuries)  to prepare for our upcoming PE day on March 9.


In addition, review sheets will be handed out this week for the Humanities and English exams. They will be posted to thinkwave as well. As mentioned in the Term 1 conferences the exams will be more rigorous than before. We will go over everything the students need to know in class and discuss study skills and techniques, and this provides an excellent opportunity for students to challenge themselves and work toward a goal. We have been able to make good use of our class time each day this term and I know the students can do a great job on these exams!