Review sheets- Humanities and Language Arts 9/10

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Humanities Yr9/10

Time Feb. 22, 2012

Humanities 9/10 Exam Review sheet

Below are the areas you should be reviewing for the exam. The exam will be a mixture of multiple choice, map skills questions, short answer and essay. To prepare you will need to review the concepts below and make sure you can adequately explain them. If textbook pages are mentioned you will need to focus on the material on those pages for the multiple choice section.

Map section:
World map- shadow the continent of Africa and the region of SE Asia
Africa map- shadow the region of North Africa according to the green geo text on page 522- (this includes Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt), label Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Egypt and their capitols, the Nile river, the Niger river, Mt Kilimanjaro, and the Red Sea
SE Asia map- Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia and their capitols, South China Sea

Multiple Choice:
pgs 593- 597 and 789- 793 in the green world history text, pgs 522- 580 in the green world geography text

Short answer:
Topics will focus on the Killing Fields, the Vietnam war, biomes, biodiversity, the fuelwood crisis, the current situation of HIV in Africa, genocide, North Korea. Year 9s will be expected to answer 2 questions with 2 paragraphs each, and Year 10s will be expected to answer 3 questions with 2 paragraphs each. You will be given a choice on which ones to answer.

The essay will cover an African and/or SE Asian genocide. You will be given a choice of what to answer and will have flexibility in your choices. The essay should be at least 3 paragraphs and specific examples from the various readings and DVDs we have watched this term should be included. A sample essay could be: Compare the aftermath of the genocide in Cambodia to the one in Sudan. Provide geographic information, the approximate years they took place, the effects on the people and land, and the state of the region and its people today. Note- we have viewed DVDs on each of these genocides so you can use examples from these in your essay.

Language Arts 9/10-

Section 1- Vocabulary-
Be able to define the following words shich we have studied this term-
emanated, retribution, impartial, aesthetic, moiety, epithalamic, fervent, deride, diffidence, assiduously, tentative, fervor, oblivion, benevolent, manifest, reverence, fervor, deride, diffidence, assiduously, tentative, oblivion, benevolent, manifest, reverence

Section 2- Short answer- Year 9s will be expected to write 3 full paragraphs for each. Year 10s will be expected to write 3 paragraphs as well but with more analysis and detail.

Compare contrast the literary devices and themes of 2 of the following short stories- The Story of an Hour, The Necklace, The Lady or The Tiger, The Most Dangerous Game, Love is a Fallacy

Compare and contrast a main character from 2 of the short stories listed above while considering personality, setting, character development and if he/she changed during the story

Section 3- Long essay-
Year 9s should aim for 4 complete paragraphs and include one concrete quote/citation from the text. Year 10s should write 4 paragraphs and use 2 specific quotes/citations/examples from the text.

This question will appear exactly as it is on the exam:

Consider the following quote from Ted Conover. Do you think he was successful in telling “the story” in this book? Why/why not?

“… The INS, I was surprised to discover, often knows where they are and how they move, even if they don’t always act  on the information. What La Migra does not know- what it perhaps cannot afford to know- is the human side of the men and women it arrests, the drama of their lives. That’s what this book is about. It is not a policy book, but a story. It relates to policy only insofar as I hope through it to flesh out a missing perspective in the immigration debate: the perspective of those whom the whole thing is about. My belief is that few of the authors of the many books and articles written on immigration would recognize an ‘illegal alien’ if he came up and offered to shine their shoes- much less share a word or two. That is a problem, the main reason, I think, that the terms of the debate have tended to dehumanize the Mexicans, turning them from people into ‘illegal aliens.’”

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