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English 7/8

TimeApril 02, 2012

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Language Arts Yr 7/8

Today the students took their quiz over the reading from The Count of Monte Cristo. These were in general very poor and it is clear that most students are rushing through their reading, not reading for detail, content, comprehension, etc. We encountered this last term with the Lord of the Flies and many of the quiz grades brought down overall grade averages. Students need to be reading thoroughly. The reading assignments are very short and students have adequate time to prepare. Once again I am grading this first quiz far more leniently than normal, but this will not occur for the next one. We spent much of class time going through the text. Students are to read through chapter 7- page 30- and are encouraged to take notes, make lists of characters, themes, descriptive details, etc. to help with their reading for comprehension strategies. They should read these 15 pages by Thursday, and they had ample time to get much of it done today in class.