Welcome Cunae International School


TimeMay 12, 2012

from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Language Arts Yr 7/8

Well, everyone did a great job adjusting to new changes . Let's work well until end of term .

Some good writing was done regarding film review .

In  literature we are still reading The Count of Monte Cristo , analysing the characters from the novel with their challenges , feelings and emotions.

Our new unit, regarding   writing and oral skills is on poetry . As I said in class .... put on your wizard hats ; through the study of classical poems as well as some written during Renaissance period , along with  free forms , students will learn to identify elements in a poemand explain the meaning . DO NOT lose your poetry  booklets !

Students will be challenged to   recite a poem ,  practicing , voice , tone , diction .

2 final projects will be assigned by the end of the school year ............ more to be explained .

See you on Monday , bright , happy ... and ready .

Ms Brigitte