from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Language Arts Yr9/10

Time May 24, 2012

Be prepared (this reminds me of a song !!!) for your next upcoming project....................It will be the last major one of the year . It will help you (and us) to know who you are at the end of the school year through the words of someone else . First you must decide what makes you tick . Consider your family , hobbies and/or other topics you feel make you who you are . One you have selected the ideas about how to explain yourself , you begin to research famous quotes , either from novels , poetry , plays ...They can be from  American or foreign authors , fiction or non .

I am interested for you to find a creative and clever way to present your findings through a carefully planned presentation .

Make your project outstanding  ; I will give you by the end of this week the project guidelines .Everyone will present his/her reflection in a 4 minutes (+/-1) time frame.

You will have NO class time to work on this project. Everything will be done outside of class; So.... start thinking now , research quotes , ponder on how you will present yourself .

DUE DATE :Monday June 11th.

Keep working hard and well , participate when we do have class discussion. Remember , always do your best even if you do not like what you have to do or the situation you are in . It is an essential skill for life .

Ms Brigitte


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