from:Ramsberg, Beth

to:Humanities Yr 7/8

Time May 30, 2012

Big question essays are due Wednesday June 13th.

Just a reminder.

Miss Gracie


Big Question Essay Guidelines
To help you with this task, we have come up with the following guidelines:
Essay must be at least 700 words for year 7 and 8; 1000 words for year 9 and 10.
Information used must be cited properly
All essays should contain a bibliography: if this item is missing, this will be considered grounds for plagiarism
The focus of the essay must be to answer your big questions:
Use information from one or more of your classes to answer the question
You may answer the question doing additional research that was not covered in your classes
We do not want to know what you learn from each subject, but rather we want you to APPLY the information learned to answer the question. If you don’t understand this – ASK!

The essay is due on the _Wednesday June 13th____, but if you want a first draft checked you may give it in a week prior to the due date. Remember that this grade, along with the previous essay’s grade will be going into your Term report cards and that it has weight on the GPA.
You will find the grading criteria that will be used to mark your essay attached to these guidelines. Please use these as a reference so that you comply with what is expected from you for this assignment.

The more you organize and plan your essay, the better it will read!
Remember that you need evidence for your arguments. Cite your sources.

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