from:Sakaoka , Akino

to:1-3.INTRO DESIGN I (Wed)-Summer

Time May 26, 2012

Hi Class,

I hope you will enjoy your one-week break next week.

Here is the recap of the homework:

1. Complete your floor plan (without furniture) using the four (heavy, medium, light, and very light) line weights that you have set.

2. Complete your collage presented either electronically or on a mat board. When choosing images, keep in mind the six design elements that we went over in the last class. If you created a collage in a computer, printing that collage in color and paste it on a mat board is an acceptable option for your presentation. Otherwise, please save your images in your flash drive and bring them to the next class for the presentation.

3. Prepare for the presentation. Each person will have 7 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions from class mates. On a sheet of a paper, list adjectives to describe the atmosphere of your space. Also, think about the primary colors that you want to use for your design.

During your presentation, you will explain the following things:

The name of the room you chose.
What are the current problems.
What are your solutions.
Adjectives to describe the atmosphere.
The primary colors you are planing to use.

After completing #1 and 2 above, if you have the time, please start your furniture layout or the new layout of the room on a tracing paper.

Good luck with your homework and will see you after the break.

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