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Word Processing Projects

TimeSept. 24, 2012


Computer Class:

Your projects this week will be

1)  Create a flyer for a grand opening of a zoo in Marion.  You need to include at most 3 pictures of different animals found in a zoo, use different fonts in different sizes and colors, include the address of the new zoo, time and day of the grand opening, admission prices, etc. 

2) Type a letter to a local newspaper asking it to publish an article about the grand opening of the zoo.  Needs to have complete sentences, proper grammar and spelling, use a standard font in black such as Arial or Times New Roman with size 10 or 12, 1 inch margins, portrait mode, black font color, and include the same information contained in your flyer, and needs to be between 150 to 300 words.

Both are due before end of class Thursday.  Submit your finished projects to your Thinkwave accounts. Good luck and have fun!

Mr. Rogers