Math Assignments~Week of 09/03/2012

from:Harlow, Meagan

to:All Students

Time Sept. 03, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year.  Below is a schedule of who the lead teacher is for each course.

Algebra I: Tom

Geometry: Meagan

Survey of Geometry: Meagan

Algebra II: Tom

Survey of Algebra II: Meagan

Algebra II: Tom

PreCalculus: Tom

Physics (2nd Semester): Tom



No School



No School


Survey of Algebra II does not have the correct workbooks yet (they are on backorder) and  all students are being given worksheets.  Also, due to the learning diversity of the students in the course, there are 2 different homework assignments given; one taken directly from the modified curriculum and one with additional modificiations (usually fewer problems).  


Geometry: None

Survey of Geometry: None

Survey of Algebra II: None

Algebra II: None

Algebra I: None

PreCalc: None



Geometry: Practice 1-1 #'s 1-6, 9-13

Survey of Geometry: Practice 1-1 #'s 1-5, 13-15

Survey of Algebra II: Practice 1-1 Worksheet

Algebra II: Practice 1-1 #'s 1-20

Algebra I: WB Practice 1-1 #'s  1-27

PreCalc: No Class



Geometry: No Class

Survey of Geometry: WB Practice 1-2 #'s 1-12

Survey of Algebra II: Practice 1-2 Worksheet

Algebra II: WB Practice 1-2 #'s 1-34

Algebra I: WB Practice 1-2 #'s 1-32

PreCalc: pg. 81 2-22 Evens

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