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Time Oct. 07, 2011

who created the library in Neneveh: Assurbanipal

define loot: to take or steal from cities that were defeated

define cavalry: soldiers on horseback

capital of Nebechadnezzar's empire: Bablyon

the two leaders of the Persians: Darius I and Cyrus

define provinces: areas of ruled made by the Assyrian king

define litters: slaves used them to carry people

who was zoroaster: Religious leader who divided the world into forces of good and evil

define capital: the city from which an emperor rules

Who had iron weapons: the assyrains


Why was the use of coins important? Increased trading, no more bartering

Who expanded the Chaldena Empire to twice its size? Nebechadnezzar

What was the capital of Persian?

define Alliance: an agreement

How did the persians treat their concured vs. the Assyrians: assyrians enslaved them and looted their city. The persians only required a tribute they allowed the conqured to have their own religion and language.

What is the most part of Nebuchadnezzar's palace: the hanging gardens

define artisian: someone who creates something with their hands


govern: to rule

predict: to tell the future

conquer: to defeat

cyrus the great: king of persia

zoroaster: a religious leader to the persians

empire: one nation rules a large area of land

smelt: the heating and cool of metal to make it stronger

expand: to enlarge

babylon: Capital of the Chalean Empire

Governor: ruler of a province or state

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