from:Bacchus, D.

to:US History

Time Oct. 07, 2011

Test on Tuesday October 11th.

people and concepts for review

inflation: loss of value of money

robert morris: pennsylvania merchant who helped to organize finances for the partriots

loyalist: favored British rule

letters of marque: license issued by congress to private ship owners authorizing them to attach British merchang ships

writ of assistance: a search warrant enabling customs officers to enter any location to look for evidence of smuggling

nathan hale: American captain who when captured byt eh British said," i only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"

patriot: supported the colonies during war

james otis: believed colonist should not be taxed because they had no representation

emmancipation: the act or process of freeing enslaved persons

due process: proper court procedures

recession: slow down in the economy

james madison: secertary during the convention and was primary author to the constitution

virginia plan: favored large states, representation based on population.

duty: taxes on imports and exports

popular sovereignty:rule by the people

alexander hanmilton: wanted to revise the articles of confederation to make them stronger

new jersey plan: favored small states.  Representation was equal for all states

federalism: government that had both federal and state powers

john hancock: Anti federalist

veto presidents power to reject a law presented to him from congress

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