from:Bacchus, D.

to:Social Studies MS

Time Oct. 09, 2011

Review for Test
 Fort
  monument
 conflict
 Huguenots
 interior
 prosper
 Pirates
  artisans
 Documented
  dismay
 Establish
  Dwindle
 Indigenous
 Raid
 Mantanzas
 convert

Jean Ribault:
1. What  country did sail for?
2. Why did the Huguenots want to come to Florida?
3. What is the symbol of France?
4. Why did Queen Elizabeth put him in jail?
5. Why was he in England?
6. What happened to the Huguenots that Ribualt left in florida?
7. What Indian group did the French make friends with? Why was this important?
8. How was Ribault killed?

Sir France Drake
1. What country did he sail for?
2. Why was he chosen for this mission?
3. What ports did he conquer?
4. What fort did he burn to the ground? Why?
5. How did he treat the Indians? Why?
6. How did he die?
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
1. Why was Menendez sent to Florida? (2reasons)
2. What fort did he build
3. Why was his job as Florida’s firt Spanish colonial Governor?
4. How big did the Spain claim florida to be?
5. Why did Menendez send priest to Florida?
6. How did he die?
7. How was the watch tower at mantanzas Inlet used?

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