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New Uniform

TimeMay 12, 2012

to:All Students


This is a letter i received from a pupil.

Dear Brunswick County board of education

I am writing this letter to dispute school uniforms. They violate our freedom of speech and our parents rights. In example, a student chooses to wear an Obama T-shirt which clearly expresses their encourage and support for him. But under this dress code The student would not be able to wear the shirt therefore, taking away his/her right To Show support. Also, if a parent/guardian does not want to have their child in a uniform it is their right and personal decision to not put them in one.

You seem to think that uniforms will help academics and behavior. Wrong again. If a student was called ugly or fat before the uniforms will the uniforms really change anything?

Here is all the cons you probably didn’t even think about.
1. Violate a student's right to freedom of expression
2. Are just a “quick fix” to school bullying.
3. Parents pay taxes to run the school not you so they should be able to buy the clothes THEY want for their kids.