Welcome Ernesto Martinez

Between the Summer

TimeJune 06, 2012

to:All Students


Good morning everyone. Since we already got started i will like to say that all your grades up to now are on the system accuratley. If you have a C-,D, or F you should think of getting very good grades on the next test. I'ved called some of you already to tell you to study, since you have one more test, quiz, ext. before the end of june, when all student with lower than a 69% on the final grade will be forced to drop this class. I am really happy since normaly have the class by this time would have been failing, but some of you have really given the "extra-mile" and have recieved good grades. Please understand that this is a commercial pilot preparation course, and it needs to be harder due to the fact that you will be piloting many passengers. Also, for those of you taking the Aviation Course remember that you will need a minimun of 40 hours flying, counting the final exam. The next evaluation will be with a real life aircraft making it harder for some of you. Also, remember for those of you that will like to become pilots faster , that if you make a total of 150 Hours flying, and carry a grade of 85% or higher will most likely get promoted to pilots without getting to pass through co-pilot. Southwest Airlines just contacted me earlier and informed me that they are looking for three co-pilots. Remember that the higher grade you have the best flight, airlines, plane, promotion, and wage you'll recieve. Hope you continue to study and reach high. 


-Ernesto Martinez

Course Director/Teacher