from:Nurmahmadov, Ulugbek

to:All Students

Time Dec. 30, 2013

As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year.
Here is your holiday homework softcopy list. You can obtain hardcopies as well from your class advisor!
1. English - Record yourself retelling the stories or record your voice reading the stories or write 20 pages of summary.Reading story books 1000 pages Pre-intermediate -Intermediate level
2. English comprehension 
3. IT- Chap 1-4 Review Passed papers at least 1 test
4. Maths-Worksheets which is given to students
5.Chemistry - Chapter  page 9
6. Tajik history - Китоби дарси сахифа 115-121  Чунбишхои мардуми . шуриши Восеъ. С. Улугзода "Восеъ"
7. Tajik Language - Кароматуллохи Мирзо "Дар орзуи падар", Саттор Турсун   "Осори мунтахаб", романи "Се рузи як бахор"
8.Russian - Н.В.Гоголь "Тарас Бульба", М.Юю Лермонтов "Герой нашего времени"
6 предложений синтакс.разбор
9. Art - To create at least 2 artwork paintings with acrylic paints on canvas! free topic
10.Turkce - Kitap okuma Test gozme Kelim ezber

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