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Week Plan for November 7

TimeNov. 07, 2011

from:Nelson, Ms.

to:Math 8 - Algebra 1, A

We will continue chapter 4 in which we are graphing linear equations and functions. Students will learn to do this using a few methods: making an input/output table, using intercepts, or using the slope and y-intercept.  Please note the quiz on Wednesday.  We will have a Chapter 4 test early next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on our progress this week.  

Monday: 4.3 Graphing using x- and y-intercepts

Tuesday: 4.4 Find Slope and Rate of Change

Wednesday: Quiz on 4.1 - 4.3; 4.5 Graph using slope-intercept form

Thursday: 4.6 Model Direct Variation

Friday: 4.7 Graph Linear Functions