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Plan for November 17 through 23

TimeNov. 17, 2011

from:Nelson, Ms.

to:Math 8 - Algebra 1, A

This week we learned more about x and y intercepts, and slope-intercept form of an equation. Students are still working on solving an equation for a variable.  This is really important going forward. 

Homework this weekend is to finish front side of the worksheet for 4.5.  This involves looking at an equation, changing it into slope-intercept form if needed, and identifying the slope and the y intercept. y = mx + b      m = slope, b = y intercept

We will have a test on Tuesday on 4.1 - 4.5.  I would suggest using the long weekend to go over practice problems from these five sections and identify areas in which they need help. Monday will be used to review, and if they come to me with specific questions it will be much more fruitful!