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Week of February 20th

TimeFeb. 20, 2012

from:Nelson, Ms.

to:Math 8 - Algebra 1, A

This week we have been working on Chapter 7.  On Thursday we have a quiz on 7.1 through 7.3.  We will finish section 7.4 by Friday.  This chapter is about solving systems of equations, which means finding the solution of two linear equations - where those two lines meet, and the coordinates of that point.  7.1 used graphing to find the solution, 7.2 used substitution and 7.3 used elimination by addition and subtraction.   Some of the students have grasped the concepts successfully and some are rather confused by it.  They understood last Friday and then the long weekend did not do us any favors!  If you have a moment to look over the material with them this coming weekend, it would be helpful.  The tutorials at the beginning of each section would be a great place to start, and then follow with a practice problem. 

We will have some sort of assessment next week, before vacation.  I doubt it will be on the entire chapter.