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March 26 - 30 Yellow 8A Spanish

TimeMarch 26, 2012

from:Murphy, Senora

to:Spanish 8, A

Monday, March 26:  Chapter 8 - Voc. 2, the verb leer in the present and preterite and practice conjugation of er/ir verbs in the preterite. Workbook exercises should be up to date.

Tue. March 27 - National Spanish exam, part I - Achievement

Wed. March 28 - National Spanish exam, part II - Proficiency.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR EARPHONES!

Thur. March 29 -  Chapter 8 cont.  Assign parts for Blanca Nieve (Snow White) short play to practice and present in class.

Fri. March 30 - Chapter 8 cont. and Play.  ALL MISSING WORK MUST BE DONE BY TODAY.