Blue Math Updates

TimeMay 06, 2012

from:Hobbs, Ms.

to:Math 6, A

Hi Parents and Students,
Here is our overview for the next two weeks:
Los Olas Project is a project grade and there will be a notebook check this week too for another project grade!
Monday:  Review Chapter 9 and work on Los Olas Project – Notebook check
Tuesday:  Test on Chapter 9 and Los Olas Project due! Notebook Check!
Wednesday:  Review Test and Section 10.1 Angles
Thursday:  Section 10.1 Angles
Friday:  Section 10.2 Special Angles
Monday:  Section 10.3 Triangles
Tuesday:  Section 10.3 Triangles with Construction
Wednesday:  Section 10.4 Polygons
Thursday:  Section 10.4 Polygons and Quiz on 10.1 to 10.4
Friday:  Section 10.5 Similar and Congruent Polygons
Have a great two weeks!