Biome Project Update - May 22

from:Nelson, Ms.

to:Science 6, B

Time May 22, 2012

Just to bring to your attention that the Biome Field Guide Project is due on June 1st, which is not that far away. On Thursday we have checkpoint 4, which includes pages 3-6.  This is the food web, and water, nitrogen and carbon cycle.  We have instructed the students to come up with their OWN diagrams for these four topics, based on what they know about their biome.  They can use ones that they have found as guides, and should reference these guides, but they should make these biome-specific.  They can either draw these free-hand (points will not be taken off for less than beautiful artwork, what matters is including the important parts of each cycle) or they can construct their own by importing various images into their computer program and drawing arrows among them.  They have samples of the nutrient cycles in their notes and in their textbook.  We will review this further on Thursday, but as this seems to be the most challenging part of the project, I wanted to explain it fully. 

This week we have been dissecting owl pellets, will be working on our project on Thursday and starting Chapter 3 on Friday. 


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