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Math Week of May 21

TimeMay 22, 2012

from:Nelson, Ms.

to:Math 8 - Algebra 1, A

Students were given their Chapter 9 tests back on Monday.  While this was our hardest chapter, they still need to do a better job preparing for tests.  This was given over two days and they were allowed to study inbetween those days for the test.  Because it was such difficult material, I have allowed them to make test corrections and turn them in for extra points on the test.  These are due on Wednesday, May 23. 

We will be working on Chapter 10 (sections 1, 2, 3) this week, which returns us to graphing, but this time we are graphing polynomials = parabolas! 

We will be having a cumulative end-of-the-year test on recent chapters, tentatively scheduled for June 8.