Welcome West Virginia Junior College -Bridgeport Campus

Welcome New Instructors

TimeNov. 17, 2011


to:All Students

Please extend a warm welcome to our new instructors coming on-board.

Dr. Cara Pinti will be taking over Mrs. Lehosit's ANP2 class beginning next week

Carmeleta Randolph will be taking over the medical externships

Julie Rumbach-Austin, our PHT program advisor, will be taking over HPI starting next week

Jennie Powell started this module with us teaching Pharmacology

Becky White will be coming on board on Nov. 28 to become familiar with medical/clinical and will be working with Ms. Williams. 

A special thanks to Diane Williams who has agreed to take over Lab 4 beginning next week

A warm welcome to all of our new instructors and a sad good-bye to Mrs. Lehosit who has decided to take some time off from teaching.  You will see her back here and there subbing and attending graduation. 

Ms. Fitz