from:Powell, Jennie

to:PHM 251, Fall B Powell 8:30a

Time Nov. 26, 2011

We settled the IRP groups on Wednesday.  The groups are:

Group A:  Julie Evans-Miller, Lauren Hardman, Steven Parsons, Daniel Paknik, and Jordan Morrison

Group B:  Tiffany Davis, Elizabeth Bessette, Karen Butcher, Kari Daugherty, and Kayla Pickens

Group C:  Samantha Strickland, Tracy Lipscomb, Katie Groah, Tiffany Wine, and Melissa Sims

Group D:  Jessica Larew, Chrystal Foster, Misti Robinson, Amanda Brown, and Rachelle Powell

Group E:  Tiana Morgan, Kayla Cavins, Kim Runyon, Sheena Priest, and Brittany Wyckoff

Group F:  Stormie Basham, Casey Duarte, and Peter Snider


All the pharmaceutical classes we are studying in this course are available for your group to choose.  Remember that this is a group assignment, but that there will be an individual grade for each member, so you will need to assign each member a specific area to research and report on.  You can have each member select a particular drug to present, or each member can select a subtopic such as metabolism or drug interactions.

Each group is to turn in by end of day on Wednesday, November 30th, an outline letting me know what the overall topic is, and what each member's topic assignment will be.  On Thursday morning I will announce the order of presentations.

I look forward to seeing your groups' presentations, and to hearing how you are putting what you are learning about medications to use.  I encourage you to use both written resources such as the Physician's Desk Reference and online resources such as or - but I caution you about plagiarism.  Any report that includes text that is clearly taken word-for-word from an external source will be considered to be plagiarized, and will be given zero credit.

If you want to use the projector and Powerpoint slides, that will be fine.  If not, feel free to explore other creative ways of putting your presentation together.

I look forward to seeing all of them!

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