Make-up assignments and tests

from:Powell, Jennie

to:PHM 251, Fall B Powell 8:30a

Time Nov. 29, 2011

Many of you missed the Week 3 test.  The makeup exam is available in the Resource Center until 4pm on Wednesday, November 30th.

If you missed the Week 2 test and have not gone to the Resource Center to take the make-up, you have missed the deadline.

Week 3 assignments and drug cards were accepted today (Monday, Nov 28) without penalty; I will accept them tomorrow (10 point penalty) or Wednesday (20 point penalty) but not after.

It is vital that you stay ahead in your reading, and that you do the assignments according to the syllabus, particularly if you have missed classes.  Some of you have come to me with valid excuses for absences; those are being accepted so that late penalties are dropped or at least minimized.  

Many of you have worked ahead, finishing review questions on units we haven't even covered yet - this is great!  We had two students who got 100% on the Week 3 test, so it is true that hard work and study can mean success in this and all your other classes.

Grading structure for the IRP is attached.  Read it over and understand how your grade will be determined.  I look forward to your presentations!

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