New Syllabus, Report Card and Final Exam Policy Effective Jan. 2, 2012


to:All Students

Time Dec. 20, 2011


1.  Syllabi will no longer be printed.  They will be uploaded to Thinkwave for students to save to their Z drives or jump drives for reference.  If you want to have a paper copy of the outline, remember to only choose to print those pages on the print command page.  Some instructors may upload an "outline only" form in addition to the syllabus.

2. Since most of you check your grades on Thinkwave, paper grade reports will only be printed upon request for those who need them for verification to various agencies such as Choices, Mountainheart, etc.  Please request a paper copy from Michelle at the front desk. 

3. Final Exam Policy effective Jan. 2, 2012 will be in your syllabi and is as follows:

FINAL EXAM POLICY: A student may be exempt from the review session and from taking the final exam in a specific course if BOTH the following conditions are met:  1.) Zero absences for all class days up to and including Tuesday of week 6. (For purposes of this policy, excessive tardiness and/or early departures may be considered an absence at the instructor’s discretion.)  and; 2.) All current coursework submitted by the end of class on Tuesday (or earlier depending on instructor policy) and a class grade of at least 90%.

Note: It will be student’s responsibility to check Thinkwave on Tuesday evening after all submitted work and grades are entered to determine if he or she qualifies for exemption, or by contacting the course instructor directly and receiving confirmation that he or she is exempt. Instructors will put an “E” in the finals grade block to signify that the student is exempt from taking the final exam and/or by a note in the grade block comments.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Fitzgerald in person or by email at



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