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Info on Graded assignments

TimeJan. 11, 2012

from:Fitzgerald, Beth

to:CMP 171, Winter A Fitzgerald 1p

Some students' overall grade is going to be low until all the grammar handouts are submitted so ignore it - don't panic!  I have entered the grammar handout grades and the number completed to date.  I have a spreadsheet to show you which ones are entered. Vocab quiz grades are done.  Drafts and peer edit grades are done for what has been submitted - some of you may be missing a peer edit that has not yet been turned in by the person you edited for.  Chapter 1 and 2 quiz grades for what has been submitted are done.  If you have an M in a category I am missing that assignment. 

Please remove all checked grammar handouts and graded vocab from your envelopes today.   Leave any papers that are part of your article summary in the envelope until I am completely finished grading all of those.