to:All Students

Time Feb. 22, 2012

Dear Faculty and Students,

It has been brought to my attention that there is someone by the name of Christopher Lowe who has been posting negative comments on facebook about WV Junior College-Bridgeport.  I have checked our student body records back to January 2002,when we started our first class at WVJC and found that we do not have a current student or a past student or graduate of WVJC by the name of Christopher Lowe. 

Mr. Lowe’s negative comments regarding a college that he has never attended or experienced is just another example of today’s social media and how it is being used to inflict injury on an unsuspecting party or business.  I’m sorry for any concerns that Mr. Lowe’s false comments may have caused you.  I have had the opportunity to interact with many of you on various occasions and hope that you know that I sincerely care about each of you and look forward to sharing your future success as a graduate of West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport. 

Thank you.

Ms. Stephens, WVJC Executive Director

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