Do you have a favorite instructor? Nominate them for INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR! Deadline APRIL 6th


to:All Students

Time April 05, 2012


You may want to download the attachment to have all the necessary information. 

Dear Students, 
Nominate your favorite instructor for INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD!

Each year, the instructors and staff attend a company-wide meeting where various awards are presented.  One of those awards is for the INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR.
This is the only award where nominations from students are accepted and students are strongly encouraged to participate.  Some questions (Q) and answers (A) below. 

Q. Why should I take the time to do this?
A. This is your chance to sing the praises of your favorite instructor!  In addition to a nice traveling plaque, the winner will get to pick A GIFT FOR HIS OR HER CAMPUS.  The gift will be one that will improve student learning!  This could be software, equipment, technology, or instructional device, etc. 
Q. Who qualifies?   Does my favorite instructor qualify? 
A. The instructor must have taught at least three courses during the previous 12 months. 
Q. How do I nominate my favorite teacher?
A.  To nominate your favorite instructor, please follow the directions below:

1. Remember to include the full name of the instructor (can be found on your syllabus) that you are nominating, and your campus (BRIDGEPORT CAMPUS) in your nomination.

2. Describe why this instructor deserves this award.  Give specific examples of what makes this instructor such a great teacher. Tell the story. Is it the creative things this instructor does?  Is it his or her attitude and genuine desire to help students be successful?  Is it the things that he or she teaches that are “in demand” by today’s employers? There is no length minimum or maximum so feel free to give the awards committee as many reasons with details. 

3. Send your nomination by email to  You may want to write your nomination in a word document and attach it to your email to allow for more choices in formatting and spelling/grammar checks, and include it as an attachment to the email.  You can also cut and paste it from your final document directly into the body of the email. Make sure to put the instructor’s name and that you are nominating them for instructor of the year in the subject line of the email.  Example:
Subject:  Mr. John Doe – Instructor of the Year Award Nomination

Don’t Delay!  Nominate your favorite instructor as soon as possible!

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