Mid Point Grade Check and Tutoring


from:Fitzgerald, Beth

to:All Students

Time May 18, 2012

Dear Students

At the end of week 3, students with midpoint grades below 70 should check their overall grade section for instructor notes.  Grades will be pulled the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd. 

Those students that have been referred to the dean for failing mid point grades will need to meet with Ms. Fitz on Monday to work out a "plan of action" to bring their grades up to passing. 

The best plan of action is to seek tutoring as soon as you realize you need assistance.  Forms are on the board by the lounge.  See Mrs. Frye in the Pharmacy Lab if you have any questions. 

Waiting until Wednesday of week 6 to seek help is like calling the fire department after the house has burned down.  Remember - you are in charge of your education.    Be proactive!  We have excellent, faculty recommended tutors to help you. 

If you did well in a class or classes and would like to help other students, please ask your instructor to recommend you to the tutoring team.  See Mrs. Frye or the board by the student lounge for more information. 

Remember that being part of the Enrichment Team and/or your program's club demonstrates your community spirit to a prospective employer.  It looks great  on your resume! (info from Mrs. Cunningham - Career Management Director)

Keep studying,

Ms. Fitz


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