Welcome BVI SDA School


TimeOct. 28, 2012

to:All Students

Dear Students and Parents,

I am please to inform you that your online grading systems have been reactivated.All students' grades and assignments for my classess are entered here but only Fourth  Form students and their parents will have access to the site to upload assignments,check grades and to read posts.The other students are only on the system for the convenience of calculating grades and keeping track of assignments given.However,in extreme cases, access will be granted to the parents of  students from Forms 1-2; such as in the cases of illness or other cases of absence.Fourth Form students who have not asked for the link,please do so as soon as possible. Send your emails  to teacherjohn2000@yahoo.com and ask for the link.Use this link to sign up for your free account to access your grades and assignment and to upload work when necessary.Thank you and have a succesful school year.


Mrs.Y. john