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English worksheet 5

TimeJune 20, 2012

to:Child Delv

This is Thurs. worksheet : )

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English has three words that sound the same, but are actually quite different.
They’re seems as though it could mean many things. Actually, it is a contraction of they are.
The confusion probably relates to the fact that people are unsure about using apostrophes. When
you write they're, ask yourself whether you can substitute they are. If not, you have made a
Their and Theirs are possessive pronouns similar to her and hers and our and ours. The fact that
heir (referring to a person who inherits something) is hidden in the words their and theirs might
help you remember that these are possessive pronouns. Another thing to remember with their
and theirs is that possessive pronouns do not take apostrophes as shown in these sentences:
They eat their hamburgers with ketchup.
I think the car is theirs.
Because of the old rule about “I before e except after c,” people sometimes misspell this word as
t-h-i-e-r. You can avoid this problem by remembering that all three of these words (they, their,
and there) begin with the same three letters: T-H-E.
There is the most common of these three words. It is used in such sentences as:
There goes the ball--out of the park!
Put it right there!
There are not many home runs hit like that.
Another helpful hint is that here is buried inside there. The phrase “here and there” might help
you remember that T-H-E-R-E is the word that people sometimes use to point to a place.
Fill in the blanks in these sentences with the appropriate form: they’re, their, there.
1. _______ dog is an annoying mutt.
2. _______ once was a bird called a Dodo.
3. My aunt and uncle are arriving tomorrow. ___________ coming from
4. Many years ago __________ were not any cars, so people used to travel by
horse and carriage.
5. My neighbors have bought a second car. ________ new one is candy apple
6. Surprisingly, both of __________ cars are 4WD.
7. If you look over ____________ you will see the beautiful sunset.
8. Have you seen where __________ building that new road?
9. I think __________ address is 1171 Newlands Road.
10. Do you know what ____________ phone number is?