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We are going to go ahead and get a good start with our English Papers so this is the instructions for your first one

TimeJune 20, 2012

to:English 12

The first paper is "The Person Who Inspires Me"

This paper is to be written on someone special to you. The length needs to be 6 pages double spaced Times New Roman Font 12 point size.

To begin this paper you will need to have an outline made

A. -------

 1. -----

2. ------

B. ----

and so on if you have ANY questions be sure to ask this has to be compleated correctly to receive credit from state. you need to decide on a person to write about in the first paragraph or so you need to tell why you chose this person following you need to include information on this person who they are to you what their profession is what they have done to inspire you and where you would be without them you need to include much more info to meet your total pages needed have fun with it but be sure to go by your outline