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Science Fair Projects

TimeDec. 07, 2012

from:King, Melissa

to:All Students

The deadline for completed projects is almost here.

Boards and folders will be due on either Monday, December 17th or Tuesday, December 18th.

Each student received a small packet with the information/sections that need to be included on the board, and today in class we reviewed what needs to be included in their folder and how to prepare for their oral presentation.

In the folder the following materials need to be included in this particular order (attached in the fasteners):
1: Title Page (name, title, date, grade, class)
2. Final clean copy of the Research Paper
3. Bibliography
4. Final Clean copy of the Biblical Application
Front Pocket: Log Book
Back Pocket: SRC paperwork

All paperwork and assignments that have been turned in have been graded and returned to the students.

Please note: NO late projects will be accepted. The FINAL date to turn in a project and ALL required materials in TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18th.
Students will NOT be allowed to make phone calls during classes to have parents bring forgotten materials.