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TimeJune 23, 2012

to:6-7H, 6-7H

                   Welcome to your ELA Summer Class Prep!

This class is a prepatory course to help you prepare and do well on your 6th Grade State English Language Arts Examination for August 9/10 2012. In this prep class you will learn how to write, answer questions, and most importantly understand the ELA in your own language. This prep class will consist of a lot of writing, reading, vocab, multiple choice, and open ended questions. My goal is to help you prepare and pass this exam and also help you get ready for 7th Grade.

For this class you will be assigned numerous reading comprehension assignments, writing assignments, vocab assignments, and assigned one book from myself and two books assigned from your school to read for the course of the summer. Besides work and home work for your Summer School Class, but also assigned work from myself.

Let's Succeed and Show This Exam Who is BOSS!

***Course Outline will be online once discussed what will be happening in class. 

You will be graded by the following:

Reading: (Total of 100 points)
Home Work: 35%
Class Work: 25%
Quiz Assignments: 20%
Test Assignments: 20%

Language Arts: (Total of 100 points)
Home Work: 35%
Class Work: 25%
Quiz Assignments: 20%
Test Assignments: 20%

Final Exam: (Combination of Everything)
Total: 100 points

ELA Practice Exam: (Prep for Actual Exam)
Total: 100 points/however will be scaled from 1-4 (1 = below average 2= satisfactory 3=good 4=above average)

Websites: These will be some of the websites you will be using with me to help you prepare for the exam. 

6th Grade Curriculum : Language Arts and Reading Comprehension

6th Grade Vocabulary

ELA Prep

Grammar Corner