Welcome E Prep

June 26 2012 Agenda

TimeJune 26, 2012

to:6-7H, 6-7H

Good Morning:

The Following Agenda for today:

1. You will be given an note book pop quiz of what we learned yesterday about different question types.  This quiz is going to be worth 20 points

 2. You will then complete your vocabulary segment for Freckle Juice.

3. We will have a lesson about different types of questions and previewing the test which also includes reading the passages and answering the questions. 

4. You will complete a writing assignment of 6 sentences as described in your notebook. 

5. Lastly after reviewing the lesson you will be given a reading comprehension worksheet that focused on the following material. 


There will be no class on Wednesday. This is your free day, however be prepared for Thursday Lesson and Friday Review