Welcome Back

TimeAug. 30, 2012

from:Epstein, Jeannie

to:Keyboarding JE

Welcome back everyone!  This is my first blog to my students.  My Keyboarding class is also my homeroom students.  This will be where I will post general information.  I will post class specific information in that class blog.    

My only bit on information at this time is that Friday, August 31st is Free Dress day.  It is the last day of the month and every last day of the month is free dress as long as the student has earned it.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at epsteinj@nhalv.org.  More information  will follow regarding planners, i-ready, Thinkwave etc.  Please make sure to check your child's yellow folder for this information.   We are all on a learning curve with our new Chromebooks, so please be patient as we get information out to you.  The new programs we have are really terrific, but we are still learning all that they can do for us and will share it with you.   

Ms. Epstein